1, appearance

The healthy chicks had neat, clean and shiny hair; the abdomen was flat and soft; there were no bleeding marks on the umbilicus and they were well-cure, tight and dry with villous coverage; the sick fluff was filthy, lacking in luster; the abdomen was enlarged and slack, and the umbilicals were prominent. There are traces of bleeding, poor healing, moisture around, and obvious no hair coverage.

2, activity

The healthy chicks are lively and lively, their eyes are big and their eyes are strong, their feet are strong, their voices are loud and brittle, their touch is full, they are full, and they are struggling; the sick chicks close their heads, stand unsteadily, and are cold; they scream endlessly; , relaxation, struggling.

3, chick weight

The weight of healthy chicks meets the standard of the breed. The weight of the hatched chicks is different due to the variety and type. Generally, the broiler chickens weigh about 40 grams and the layers are 36 to 38 grams. The sick chicks are too heavy or too light. The chicks have enlarged yolks on the abdomen. Absorption is poor, weight is too small, individuals are thin and light.

4, shell time

When hatching is normal, the hatching time of the hatchlings is relatively uniform and relatively concentrated. Usually hatching starts on the 20th to the 20th and 6th hours of hatching, peaks in 20 days and 12 hours, and hatching ends in 21 days; Early or late hatching, hatching takes a long time, and there are still some unshelled hatches on the 22nd day of hatching.

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