Love spicy taste to promote rectal cancer

In recent years, the incidence of rectal cancer in Chongqing ranks first in the country. Experts pointed out that the incidence of rectal cancer is high, which is related to Chongqing people's heavy taste and love of spicy eating habits.

A typical example is a 32-year-old recta

How to manage chestnut after harvest

From September to October, it is the harvest season of chestnut. After the chestnut is harvested, it is necessary to supplement the nutrients and strengthen the management according to the physiological characteristics of the chestnut tree in order to increase the yield and quality of the

10 kinds of vegetables to keep healthy

To be healthy, fruits and vegetables are indispensable, and the vegetables below are the best in vegetables.


Rich in vitamin C, rich in starch and protein.

Green beans

Rich in protein and minerals, it can prevent gastrointestinal discomfort.


Valve packing knowledge

Main: mud valve, killing pipe, manifold, manifold, high-pressure flange, high-pressure movable elbow, high-pressure pipe connection (oil)

The packing is a dynamic sealing material used to fill the packing chamber space to prevent media leakage through the

Low temperature is a good time for insect control

With the advent of winter, counter-season greenhouse vegetables have reached the prime time of production. However, due to the relatively high temperature and humidity in the shed, the damage caused by the micro pests in the shed is affected, which affects the degree of vegetable production in

Cherry tree soil fertilization management points

I. Strengthening Management 1. Feed piglets with nutritious and digestible feeds to increase their resistance. 2. Careful care, proper cooling. The fever can be cold or rubbed with alcohol. 3. Care should be taken to reduce the temperature of medication, to give the piglets more warm water, th

How is the sow's expected date of birth estimated?

After mating of breeding pigs, the expected date of production can be estimated based on the date of mating of the sow so as to prepare for production. The method for calculating the expected date of gestation sows is described below.

Sows from the mating date of conception to the

Chicken soup helps prevent colds

Due to the fickleness of the weather, the number of people suffering from colds has soared. Patients in hospitals are often treated with fever and fever. Is there an effective way to prevent colds? In addition to timely increase and decrease of clothes, proper exercise to improve resistanc

Dry Sausage Fermented Chicken

In recent years, the technique of raising chickens in dry-sweeping fermentation beds has attracted more attention and has been widely used. Beijing Jinhua Kangyuan Science and Technology Co., Ltd. researched and developed the technology of Jinbao dry-sauce fermentation bed chicken raising, whi