Greenhouse strawberry clever

In recent years, a new pest appeared in the strawberry planting shed in Junan County, Tangshan City, called Kuy. This kind of pest not only eats the leaves of strawberry and affects the growth of the strawberry, but also secretes a special kind of mucus that will leave a white track on the

Litchi spring management measures

The general climate in China is arid, which promotes the nutrient accumulation and flower bud differentiation of litchi and longan. Currently in the spring, the management of lychees in this season is related to the key links in the growth and development of the current year. Based on the

Short vine squash varieties - Meihu III

Plants are medium-sized, upright, short-grained, and the leaves have a clear silver light. Melon-shaped cylindrical, melon long 20 ~ 22 cm, harvesting period concentrated, considerable yield. Anti-watermelon mosaic virus, zucchini yellow mosaic virus, powdery mildew and downy mildew. About 45

Method for removing weeds from greenhouses

The netizen Scarecrow sent an email: What kind of herbicides are used in greenhouses? What should we do if we have mixed grasses and broad-leaved weeds and there are many sedges?

Greenhouse leeks are generally planted in a transplanting manner. After transplanting, they can use pendim

Beware of rape flowers

Rapeseed only blooms, and the phenomenon of incompetence is called flowering. In the process of growth and development of rapeseed, due to improper fertilization and management, there are often more flowering, less joint angles or flowers, which have a greater impact on yield. In order to

Straw can be processed into silage

The processing of fresh straw into silage for livestock is a simple, fast and labor-saving process.

The specific approach is to place an extra large nylon film bag with a thickness of 0.15 centimeters on the rice field or on the threshing floor after harvesting; then, put fresh str

Pear harvest time and methods

Pear fruit harvested improperly not only reduces the yield, but also affects the quality and storage of the fruit, directly affecting economic efficiency, so we must pay enough attention to the harvest.

I. Harvest of pear fruit is mainly based on the species, the characteristics of

Plum fruit processing method

Select fresh and full-fledged Li Guo fruit, remove the rot and diseases and pests, and clean it. Soak the fruit with hot sodium hydroxide solution at a concentration of 2% and a temperature of about 95°C for 3 to 5 minutes. Rinse the remaining lye with water and place in a 5% salt solution