Reduce density

Laying chickens are particularly afraid of heat. Therefore, after entering the summer, the flocks should be kept in a timely manner in light of the increase in temperature. In summer when laying hens are raised, 5 broilers per square metre are preferred; after plunging, they can be reduced to 4 hens.


When the temperature rises above 25°C, open the windows in time to install the ventilation screens. When the temperature is higher than 30°C, use a pergola on the activity area closer to the chicken. The arbor size is similar to the chicken house, but it should be higher than the chicken. House about 50 cm.

Diligent drinking water

In summer, the drinking water in chicken bowl is easy to be sun-heated, the waterer should be placed in a cool place, and the water should be changed frequently. It is better to let the laying hens drink the well water just hit to reduce the temperature in the hens.

Early morning and evening

When the sky is bright in summer, the chicken should be put on the activity floor to feed the first round of food. After dark, chickens should be circled. Minimize the time it takes for laying hens to stay in the hen house. After entering the volley, you can also use some wooden stand under the pergola for the chickens to inhabit, let the chicken stay under the pergola overnight.

Scientific feeding

Summer sunshine time is long, should increase the number of feeding, it is best to feed 3 to 4 hours. Feed more and more in the morning and at night, feed less at noon, add two feeds per meal, half an hour in order to induce increased appetite in laying hens. In summer, the proportion of corn and sorghum should be reduced in the feed of laying hens, corn should be controlled within 45%, sorghum should not exceed 5%, or sorghum can be fed without raising sorghum, fishmeal, soybean cake or peanut cake.

Do a good job of prevention

In the summer, mosquitoes are born and are prone to spread diseases. Therefore, we must conscientiously do a good job of disinfection and epidemic prevention of chicken coops and prevent diseases. The shed should be cleaned once a day, and sand and sand must be added. After each rain, remove any stagnant water from the chicken's activity area. Do not allow hens to drink dirty water. The troughs should be cleaned regularly and exposed to sunlight. , Every 2 months or so with 2% caustic soda spray disinfection, found bedbugs, diluted with 500 times dichlorvos sprayed into the wall to kill. Because laying hens are more sensitive to dichlorvos, chickens must be rushed out of the house before spraying. In summer, garlic can also be smashed and mixed into the feed. Feed it once every 3 to 5 days, and there is also a certain effect of epidemic prevention.

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