In recent years, a new pest appeared in the strawberry planting shed in Junan County, Tangshan City, called Kuy. This kind of pest not only eats the leaves of strawberry and affects the growth of the strawberry, but also secretes a special kind of mucus that will leave a white track on the strawberry after it has climbed, which will affect the appearance of the strawberry fruit and make it difficult to sell. The wild quail resembles a snail, but it does not have a shell like a snail and is soft and grayish brown. There are two pairs of rod-shaped tentacles on the head and an elliptical mantle on the front of the back of the body, which can secrete mucus and leave a bright trace in the area where it crawls. Adults or larvae are overwintering under moist soils in the roots of crops, and the damage is severe from April to June and September to November each year.

Found that wild leeches harm greenhouses, the following methods can be taken to prevent and cure: 1. Eradicate field weeds, reduce the food sources of wild crickets; remove rubbish, bricks, tiles and other objects in the protected area to reduce the hiding place of the wild pheasants. 5 to 7 kg of lime per acre is applied to the ditch, land, or crop line to repel pests during the damage period. 2. Fresh grass trapping. Fresh weeds and leaves are piled on the fields in the protected area. Before the daylight, they are collected and put into pots containing salt or quicklime. The wild quail can soon die. 3. Poison bait trapping. Mix 10% polyacetal granules in fresh grass, use 1/10 of the amount of fresh grass, mix and make baits, and sprinkle them in the ground.

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