The apple jujube was planted by the introduction of planting and planting in Yinyin County of Shandong Province in 2002 by the College of Horticulture and Gardening of Hunan Agricultural University and Hengyang Yuquan Eco-agriculture Co., Ltd. It was selected from the domesticated cultivation and multi-point cultivation experiment for the quality of winter jujube planted in southern China. Variety. In March 2008, it passed the certification of variety registration. The registration number is XPD014-2008.

The cultivar has strong growth vigor, rapid crown formation, strong canopy opening, strong branching force, soft and slender branches, large leaves, large flowers, 4-8 flowers per inflorescence, good growth results, and excellent comprehensive traits. The hereditary traits were stable. They germinated in early April in Hengyang City and were planted in late April. The flowering period was in early May. The flowering amount was large, the flowering period was about 50 days, and the ripening period began at the beginning of October and the fallen leaves entered the dormancy period at the end of December.

Apple jujube fruit appearance is good endoplasmic quality, large fruit size, longitudinal diameter 3.974 cm, diameter 4.684 cm, average fruit weight 35.33 grams; fruit shape, high flat, shaped like apples; fruit meat dense and crisp, thick sweet The soluble solids content was 29.6%, the total sugar content was 24.54%, the vitamin C content was 339.6 mg/100 g, and the edible rate was 94.38%.

The results of this variety are early and highly productive. The results can be started in the year of planting. In the fourth year of planting, the plant will produce 17 kilograms and produce 1887 kilograms per mu.

The plant has strong adaptability and grows well on the purple soil in hillocks. It shows drought resistance, cold resistance, moisture resistance, resistance to stubble and resistance to barrenness, strong fruit resistance to cracking, and less pests and diseases.

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