At the same time as the product is diversified, the pump as a general-purpose product, the total amount is still huge. In the market, in addition to technical competition, price competition of products, especially price competition of generalized products is an inevitable trend. In the trend of diversification of products, it is necessary to achieve the competitive advantage of product prices, improve the standardization of product parts, and realize the modularization of product parts. After the modularization of many components, the diversification of products can be achieved by combining different modules or changing the characteristics of individual parts. At the same time, it is only possible to reduce the production cost of the product and the price competitive advantage of forming the product based on the diversification of the product, and the product can be diversified in the product. Based on the further shortened product delivery cycle.

From the perspective of the diversity of the transport medium, the Zui early pump is transported to a single water and other flowable liquids, gases or slurries. Now it can transport solid-liquid mixture, gas-liquid mixture, solid-liquid mixture until transport Objects such as potatoes, fish, etc. Different conveying objects have different internal structural requirements for the pump. In addition to the different requirements of the pumping structure on the pump, the installation form and piping layout of the pump. Maintenance and maintenance aspects have new requirements for the internal or external structure of the pump. At the same time, various manufacturers have added the concept of their own companies in the design of the structure, which has to increase the diversification of the pump structure. Based on the overall background of sustainable development and environmental protection, the operating environment of the pump has put forward many requirements for the design of the pump, such as leakage reduction. Noise vibration is reduced and reliability is increased. Life extension and so on all put different emphasis on the design of the pump or several key points to be considered in parallel, and it will inevitably form a diversified form of the pump.

The combination of pump design level improvement and manufacturing technology optimization

Today, entering the information age, pump designers have long used computer technology to develop products (such as the use of CAD ) to greatly improve the speed of the design itself, shortening the cycle of product design. In the production-oriented manufacturing, the manufacturing technology represented by numerical control technology CAM has been deeply developed into the production of pumps. However, from the domestic situation in the past , CNC technology CAM is mainly used in the production of bulk products. For single or small batch production, CAM technology has not been widely implemented in the pump industry, and the production of single-piece small batches is still dominated by traditional production equipment.

Due to the market demand for the manufacturer's delivery time to be as short as possible, especially for the special product (products required by the user) to shorten the delivery cycle, the pump manufacturers must accelerate the use of CAM technology or even computer integrated manufacturing system ( CIMS ). Flexible manufacturing ( FMC and FMS ) handles the process from design to manufacturing of molds and parts processing. Once the design is completed, the processing of product parts is also completed in the same period to ensure the shortened product production cycle.

At the same time, in addition to the use of computer graphics, the strength analysis, reliability estimation and three-dimensional design of the product will be realized on the carrier of the computer, and the process problems, local structural problems and assembly which were originally found and solved in the production. Issues and other aspects are raised before production to prevent and shorten the trial period of the product.

Leading the trend of the domestic pump industry, accurately grasping the development trend of pump technology is the basic skill. The development of pump technology, like the development of other industries, is driven by market demand. Nowadays, history has entered the 21st century. Under the background of the huge demand for high-tech development in the fields of environmental protection, electronics and the world, and the world's sustainable development, many industries or fields including the pump industry. Both have brought about rapid changes and developments in technology. The development trend of pump technology, I personally think that there are mainly the following:

Product diversification

   The vitality of a product lies in the needs of the market. Today's market demand is precisely to require products to have their own characteristics and to make a difference; this is the result of the diversification of pump products. Its diversity is mainly reflected in the diversity of pump transport medium, the difference of pump structure and the difference of operation requirements.

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