Pickled pickles

Eight treasure pickles, as the name suggests, have at least eight kinds of vegetables, which are marinated. The method of pickling: 1, raw materials matching pickled pickles pickles are commonly used raw materials are: lotus, white radish, fennel white, sharp bamboo shoots, mid-term cucumber,

Rational application of potash

Potassium is one of the three major nutrients necessary for the growth and development of crops. Soil supply often affects the yield of crops because potassium supply is not timely or insufficient. To achieve reasonable application and give full play to its fertilizer efficiency, under the pre

Pond fish breeding prevention measures

First, do a good job in clearing and disinfecting the fish ponds and improving the aquaculture water conditions. The clearing of the fish pond. In the winter, the pool water should be drained to remove excessive sludge and debris. After the sludge is removed, the “sun pond” is allo

Breeding ducks are optimistic about the breeding market

Laying ducks are the offspring of the two ducks that are far away from each other, and they mainly produce ducks that are produced by the cross between Muscovy ducks and local breeds. It is welcomed by farmers and consumers with its significant advantages and presents a broad development prosp

Tractor emergency repair

1, Qiao row of high-pressure tubing wear oil leakage tractor tractor high-pressure tubing at both ends of the nose and the injector, the oil valve leakage wear leakage phenomenon, can be cut from the waste cylinder mat round copper, a small middle The hole is smooth and smooth, and the pad can

Ducks feed on wild feed

1. Goldfish Algae Goldfish algae is commonly known as snapdragon, a perennial aquatic herb that sinks in water, and the top is sometimes slightly exposed. Stems are smooth and slender, up to 60cm long, sparsely short-branched; impellers raw, with scattered spines like fine teeth on the edge, m

Flower summer and autumn fertilization essentials

The fertilization of flowers varies from season to season, and the method and amount of fertilizer vary. Summer fertilization prevents “burning” Summer temperatures are high and most flowers have poor growth potential. Flowers that are not tolerant to high temperatures, such as dwa

Transgenic DNA Found in Mexican Maize

Genetically engineered corn. These traditional crop varieties contain transgenic DNA. Scientists have discovered DNA from genetically engineered crops in various wild crops that grow on Mexican farms. Although there is currently no evidence that genetically modified DNA is harmful to humans or