The fertilization of flowers varies from season to season, and the method and amount of fertilizer vary. Summer fertilization prevents “burning” Summer temperatures are high and most flowers have poor growth potential. Flowers that are not tolerant to high temperatures, such as dwarf red, petunia, gerberas, and clivia, grow extremely slowly in summer when temperatures are high, and require less fertilizer. At this time, fertilization should be stopped. If the cooling conditions are good, the flowers can be fertilized when they can grow normally. Flowers that are in a semi-dormant state due to high summer temperatures such as roses and cyclamen should stop fertilizing. Fertilizers should be applied after the temperature drops, and growth resumes. For some heat-resistant flowers such as Zinnia, Periwinkle, Celosia, Gladiolus, sunflower, etc., summer is the peak season for their growth and flowering. Fertilizer should be used normally. However, due to the high daytime temperature of summer plum, fertilization should be selected in the early morning or early evening, and the concentration of fertilization should also be controlled to prevent root burning. Immediately after fertilization, the leaves of the flowers should be washed with clean water to prevent splashing on the leaves of the leaves. The aquatic flowers such as water lilies and lotus flowers can also be fertilized normally in the summer. The decomposed fertilizer can be buried in the root soil. There is no burning root. The phenomenon of burning leaves. The use of nitrogen fertilizer in autumn should be cautious. Nitrogen is an essential element for flower growth. Application of nitrogen fertilizer can promote the growth of leaves. However, for winter dormant flowers, applying a large amount of nitrogen fertilizer in autumn will induce the occurrence of autumn shoots. The occurrence of autumn shoots not only consumes nutrients stored in flowers, but also affects the growth and blooming of flowers in the second year of spring. Moreover, because the dormancy time of the flowers will be postponed after the autumn shoots occur, and the cold damage will occur when encountering low temperatures, it is necessary to apply phosphorus and potash fertilizers to the dormant flowers in winter. Phosphorus and potassium fertilizers can promote the accumulation of nutrients in flowers and lay the foundation for growth and flowering in the second year. It is not possible to use nitrogen fertilizer in the autumn, and it is still possible to apply nitrogen fertilizer to flowers that do not sleep during the winter. In particular, the foliage-based plants should still use nitrogen-based fertilizers. However, in the application of nitrogen fertilizer should pay attention to the combination of phosphorus and potassium fertilizers. Reasonable application of P and K fertilizer can improve the cold resistance of flowers. Winter flowering plants such as cineraria, pueraria, cyclamen, poinsettia and waxberry are vegetative stages in the early autumn. Fertilizers dominated by nitrogenous fertilizers should be applied. Late autumn is mostly during the budding stage. When fertilizing such flowers, it should be Phosphorus and Potassium fertilizers are dominant, supplemented by nitrogen fertilizer, too much nitrogen fertilizer is not conducive to winter flowering.

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