1. Goldfish Algae Goldfish algae is commonly known as snapdragon, a perennial aquatic herb that sinks in water, and the top is sometimes slightly exposed. Stems are smooth and slender, up to 60cm long, sparsely short-branched; impellers raw, with scattered spines like fine teeth on the edge, more biased to one side of the teeth. Growing in the quiet waters of small lakes, ponds and gutters are also more common.
2. Thistle grass, also known as grass flat grass, bitter grass, flat grass. Slender lychee, leafy basal, thinly banded, thin leaves, up to 2m in length, 8-14mm wide, translucent in green, commonly grown on the sides of the channel of the river and quieter around the lake.
3. Hydrilla algae is also known as water kingfisher, water lantern grass. Stem length 0.5-1.5m, less branches, leaves 4-8 pieces, whorled, strip-shaped lanceolate, length 1-2cm, width of about 1.5-2mm, small teeth on the edge. Born in ponds, lakes, ditch.
4. The leeks of leeks are slender and the stem length is determined by the depth of water. Leaves alternate, the leaves are heart-shaped oval, nearly leathery, slightly thick, up to 15cm in length, up to 12cm in width, rounded at the top. There are growths in ponds, lakes, and rivers.
5.槐叶萍槐 叶萍 Horizontally lying in the water, without roots; leaves in the rotation, three for one round, two of which are floating leaves, oblong, rounded at the top, shallow at the base, with thorns on the veins Hair, brown velvet under the leaves. Growing in ponds, rice fields, gutters, and still waters are the favorite ducklings for ducklings.
In addition, there are wild duckweed (horseshoe grass), water screen, willow algae, shrimp algae, algae, algae and other wild plants are feed for ducks.

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