Eight treasure pickles, as the name suggests, have at least eight kinds of vegetables, which are marinated. The method of pickling: 1, raw materials matching pickled pickles pickles are commonly used raw materials are: lotus, white radish, fennel white, sharp bamboo shoots, mid-term cucumber, lotus root, big green pepper, Chinese wolfberry, silver, peanuts, ginger Wait. When it comes to serving dishes, lotus root, bamboo shoots, ginger and peanuts are indispensable, while others are optional. To pick crispy, no insects, no injury, watery vegetables. Can also be based on the local rich vegetables, according to local conditions to choose the material side dishes, but the variety must be varied, otherwise, can not be called "eight treasures" dishes. At the same time, there must be plenty of salt, dark sauce and various spices. 2. Finished products Raw materials for pickled pickles must be peeled, scraped, rooted and washed repeatedly. However, due to the different types of vegetables, there are priorities when processing. Such as lotus root to go to the root, in addition to leaves, scrape the outside of the hard skin, white radish to be cut off the head, tail tip, scraping hair roots and scars. Radishes larger than 8 cm in diameter must be cut from top to bottom. Cucumbers should be picked too tender and too old to be the best in the medium term and cut into slices 2 cm long and 8 mm thick. The lotus root must be scraped off and cut into thin slices. The scorpion and silver bars should be washed and adhered to the soil, and the scorpion head goes to the tail. The tip of the shoot must be cut off from the skin and crust, but it does not have to be cut open. The wolfberry white shall be cut from the top to the bottom so that its width does not exceed 7 cm, and the diameter less than 7 cm may not be cut. Rinse and drain the water in a bamboo sieve. Peanut kernels should be picked for broken grains and impurities. The green peppers should be removed from the fruit and marinated. The two dishes do not have to be in sauce jars. After the ginger is washed, it can be salted for 20 days and then cut into fine powder for use in side dishes. 3, pickled method will be processed lotus cut into 4 cm thick, weighing about 0.5 kilograms of large blocks, so that it can be marinated as soon as possible. Then put the layers in a pickle jar and put a layer of salt on it. Add about 150 grams of salt per kilogram. After pickling for 24 hours, remove the dish, pour it into another jar, put a layer of vegetables, and then Spread a layer of salt and pour the used salt solution into the cylinder. After a few days (2-3 days in spring and 4-5 days in winter), pour the second cylinder. This will allow all the dishes to fully absorb the salt and be thoroughly marinated. If the salt solution is reduced in volatilization, when salting the vegetables is not enough, add salt water, so that the food is completely immersed in the salt solution, and then add some seasoning such as pepper, fennel and spice seasoning. Finally, put a wooden frame and press it with a clean stone to marinate it. About 7 days in the summer, about 20 days into the winter, you can get into the sauce. The specific approach is: Take out the lotus root, cut into 4 cm long, 3 mm thick filaments, into a clean cloth bag, each bag of no more than 4 kg, tie the pocket. Then put it into the first sauce bowl containing black sauce and marinate. After 20 days, pour it into the second sauce tank with thicker sauce, then marinate it for 20 days, and finally pour it into the third sauce bowl, and according to the depth of the sauce, it is appropriate. After adding the new black sauce and pickling it for 20 days, it can be served as a side dish. White radishes, cucumbers, oysters, silver sticks, bamboo shoots, wolfberry cabbage pickled, into the sauce, the amount of salt, etc., are the same with the lotus, but they must be preserved separately to maintain their own smell and characteristics, big green pepper Marinate with peanuts for about one week before serving. 4. Variety Matching In order to maintain the unique flavor of Babao pickles, the side dish work is also very important. After the above dishes are marinated, they can be used for side dishes. Usually the proportion of side dishes is: white radish 40%, lotus lotus 30%, cucumber 10%, bamboo shoot tip 5%, peanut kernel 2%, ginger amount. Other dishes are based on the local eating habits, any match, but to a variety of species in order to reflect the eight treasures pickles delicious, unique flavor dishes. (056202 Cui Shibin, Tonger Mine Corporation, Handan Mining Bureau, Hebei Province)

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