First, do a good job in clearing and disinfecting the fish ponds and improving the aquaculture water conditions. The clearing of the fish pond. In the winter, the pool water should be drained to remove excessive sludge and debris. After the sludge is removed, the “sun pond” is allowed to expose the sun and the bottom of the frost pool in order to kill the disease source and reduce the survival of the disease source. 2. Drug clear pond. After clearing the exposed fish ponds, clear ponds are used about 10 days before the fish ponds. The commonly used drugs include quicklime, tea dried, bleached powder, etc. The quicklime clear pond can kill the wild fish and other aquatic animals in the pool. , Is a good clear pond drugs, generally with 75-100 kg of lime in the pool after the water in the pool Quanchiposa, instant dissolve. Second, careful operation in the fish catch nets, number, transportation, vaccination, injection operation, lighter, to avoid fish injuries. Third, the injection of vaccine grass carp bacterial enteritis, erythroderma, gill disease and viral hemorrhagic disease is the breeding of grass carp easy to incurable "four diseases", serious damage to grass carp culture. At present, the use of grass carp hemorrhagic disease lyophilized vaccine and bacterial triple vaccine mixed fish after intraperitoneal injection, better disease prevention, can greatly reduce the occurrence of "four diseases", so in the fish pond before the fish to be injected vaccine. Fourth, drug prevention Fish disinfection. Fish ponds are sterilized when they are under the pond and soaked. The fish is immersed in a high-concentration liquid for a short period of time to kill pathogens on the fish. Commonly used drugs have 4% salt. Water, 20PPM potassium permanganate, 10PPM bleach, 20PPM copper sulfate and other solutions. 2. Food field disinfection. It is necessary to use drugs for bagging and sprinkling to disinfect the food field. Commonly used drugs include lime, bleach, chlorine dioxide, strong chlorine and other fungicides and copper sulfate, trichlorfon, insecticide, etc. Agent. Bactericides and insecticides cannot be used at the same time. They should be taken one week apart and another drug should be used. 3. Aquaculture water disinfection. In the epidemic season of fish disease, there must be targeted use of drugs, and the pool should be sprayed with drugs regularly (about half a month) to kill pathogens in the water and fish. 4. Feed the baits regularly. During the epidemic period of fish disease, the dosage of the fish was calculated every 10 to 15 days. The drugs were mixed into the feed and fed once a day for three consecutive days. 5. Chinese herbal medicine prevention. Such as the use of bitter buckwheat twigs tied with immersed in the pool or Jianzhi spilled to prevent the occurrence of trichoderma, Masson pine branches and leaves bundle soaked in the pool can prevent lice, anchor head lice, calamus or garlic mash rot bait feeding Prevention of bacterial gill disease, red skin disease, enteritis disease. 5. In addition, aquaculture management work must be done to enhance the immunity and resistance of fish to various organ functions against diseases.

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