Potassium is one of the three major nutrients necessary for the growth and development of crops. Soil supply often affects the yield of crops because potassium supply is not timely or insufficient. To achieve reasonable application and give full play to its fertilizer efficiency, under the premise of combined application with nitrogen and phosphate fertilizers, it is necessary to grasp the following six points: 1. Different kinds of crops are applied on the potassium-sweetened crops, and the ability to absorb potassium is also different. Leguminous crops Potassium is the most sensitive and yields significantly after application. Potatoes, sugar beets, sugar cane, watermelons, cotton, hemp, tobacco, fruit trees, etc. require more potassium. Among corn crops, corn is the most sensitive to potassium, while to rice and wheat, potassium fertilizer is relatively less. 2. Potassium fertilizer and potassium supply capacity on the potassium-depleted soil determine the potash fertilizer efficiency. Potassium, which is low in potassium, is prone to potassium depletion. Sandy soil, which is coarse in soil texture, has good potassium fertilizer effect. 3. After increasing the yield of crops on high-yield fields, each harvest must take a large amount of potassium from the soil, causing a serious shortage of potassium in the soil. If it is not supplemented in time, the shortage of potassium in the soil will significantly affect the yield. To a certain extent, it has become a limiting factor for crop yield. 4. Rational application of potash fertilizer according to soil properties is less mobile in soil, suitable as base fertilizer and applied to dense soil layers. For sandy soil, half can be used as base fertilizer and half as top dressing. It should be applied as soon as possible, and fertilizer application is too late to use. 5, according to the law of potassium requirements of crops General crop growth requires a large amount of potassium in the early stage, the latter requires less potassium, mainly by the redistribution of nutrients in the organ, late fertilization is not as good as the previous potassium application. 6. When the crops are used under environmental conditions, when they encounter severe growth conditions such as low temperature, drought, and serious pests and diseases, timely application of potash fertilizer can enhance the resistance of crops and achieve better yields. Excerpted from China Agricultural Press>

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