There are also "pulses" in plants

The arterial pulsation in the animal allows blood to flow from the heart to all parts of the body, but similar mechanisms are not unique to animals. Russian researchers found that some plants also have "pulses" that can be regulated by substances and nerve media that interfere with e

Mushroom preserves making method

1, the choice of materials and processing mushroom-shaped full open umbrella, no mechanical damage of the mushroom. After washing, the mushroom body was immediately placed in 0.05% sodium metabisulfite solution, and the mushroom body was submerged to achieve the purpose of color protection. 2.

Buy Harvester Attention

The following five points should be paid attention to when purchasing a combine harvester: First, quality should not be neglected. Before the purchase, you should first understand the market share of the models you want to purchase and the supply of spare parts and the “three guarantees

Aloe plastic greenhouse cultivation

1. Aloe vera is cultivated in large-scale sheds where the land is flat, sheltered from winds, warmed by the wind, convenient for drainage and irrigation, and convenient for transportation. Second, the deep-cultivation work, the application of basal fertilizer generally half a month before the

Typhoon season guards against grapefruit brown rot

Pomelo brown phytophthora, also known as epidemic disease, is a relatively common disease in pomelo production, which seriously harms the production of pomelo. The disease occurs during the whole growth period of the pomelo fruit, from the young fruit stage to the mature stage. The disease is

Processing and utilization of squid

The fish (Aristichthys nobilis), also known as calyx, black cockroach, puff-head fish, is a bony fish, scorpion-shaped head, cockroach family, cockroach subfamily. The shape of the cockroach is like a cockroach. It is often mistaken for some people to think that it is the same kind of fish

Marine biotoxins may become anti-cancer drugs

Biologists from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Italy have discovered that the brightly coloured creatures swimming in the deep ocean of the South Pacific contain some toxins that have the potential to act as potent anti-cancer drugs. Researchers have already identified the structure o

Boiled lotus root slice production process

China's lotus root production is large. Every year, it is exported to a large number of countries abroad. At the same time, because the lotus root is easily rot or browning and the quality of the aquatic vegetable is reduced, the export rate is very limited. Therefore, the economic and sci

Why Cucumber Downy Mildew Does Not Stop

With the decline of the outside temperature and the reduction of ventilation, the incidence of downy mildew of cucumber is approaching. Through investigations, vegetable farmers have generally reflected the difficulty in preventing and controlling cucumber downy mildew in recent years. The far

Prevention of cotton stem blight after heavy rain

Recently, some cotton areas in our province have fallen to heavy rain. For cotton after long drought, it is easy to cause red stem blight, and precautions should be taken. Symptoms of symptoms Red leaf blight is a physiological disease that starts from the point of growth of the main stem or t

Algae dry product processing technology

Economic seaweed has kelp, wakame, seaweed, agarwood, carrageenan, etc., processed into dried products are mainly sold in both kelp and seaweed, and its processing methods are as follows: 1, kelp. Kelp, also known as Khumbu and Jiangcai, has high nutritional value. It was determined that each