Hammer feed kneading machine knowledge

Secure installation against loosening When installing a hammer-type feed kneader, the base with the machine should be placed on a flat concrete floor. The kneader is firmly mounted on the base with bolts, and the position of the motor is constantly adjusted to ensure that the motor pulley groo

Pay attention to the control of corn pests and diseases

At present, corn gradually enters the big bell-mouth period, and the main pests on corn are corn borer, armyworm, and second-generation bollworm. On July 9th, the plant protection station of the city surveyed 5-10% of the strains in the corn borer, 15 strains of insects in 100 strains, 80 inse

Grape brown spot control

Grape brown spot mainly damages leaves, causing early defoliation, weakening tree vigor, affecting flower bud differentiation and yield. The disease can be re-infected several times, in the city from July to September for the peak incidence. Excessive management, lack of fertility, and weak pl

Pumpkin whole meat drink processing technology

The nutritional composition of the pumpkin is comprehensive and unique. Each 100 grams of pulp contains 90.24 grams of water, 0.65 grams of protein, 0.13 grams of fat, 6.08 grams of carbohydrates, 2.15 grams of fiber, and a maximum pectin content of 17 grams. It is also rich in carrots. Vitami

Post-field management of hybrid mid-season rice

Protecting stems and leaves from premature senescence, enhancing the photosynthetic efficiency after heading of rice plants, and promoting high accumulation and high translocation are one of the key measures to achieve high yield and quality of mid-season hybrid rice.

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Thick mature melons

1. According to the fruit development time identification. It depends on the time from flowering to maturity. Start polling at the time of pollination, date it, and determine its maturity based on the climatic conditions of the growing season and the growth period of the species.
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Feeding and management of young chicks

Dragonfly is a special rare bird with high economic value. In recent years, alfalfa breeding has been increasing year by year. However, some farmers, especially new farmers, still lack experience in the management of young seedlings. Now we introduce our farm feeding experience as follows:

How to retain five kinds of vegetables

How to retain melon vegetables in five kinds of melon vegetables are all cross-pollination crops, and the different varieties are easy to cross. Isolation work must be done strictly when the seeds are kept. So, what kind of melon vegetables do you keep when you keep the seeds? The precociousne