How to use the combine safely

With the rapid development of China's rural economy, the increase of farmers’ income, and the continuous improvement of the level of scientific and cultural education among farmers, rural areas in China have greatly changed the old ways of farming and harvesting. New types of agricu

Tong Kok fish artificial breeding techniques

Tong Kok Fish, a tropical and subtropical fish, is widely distributed throughout southern China. It is both a nutrient-rich consumer product and a tonic with medicinal properties. It can sell well both domestically and foreignally. Therefore, the market has great potential and is an effective

Timely Harvest of Gold and Feng Shui Pear

Refrigerated gold, Fengshui pear, timely harvest is the key. If the picking is too early, the wax of the fruit peel is not yet fully formed, and it is easy to lose water and wrinkle, and the surface is lack of luster, and the fruit flavor is light; if the collection is too late, various diseas

Why the survival rate of farm chickens is not high

Farmers tend to raise chickens and often have a lot of brooding. However, few chickens are left. The high mortality rate of chickens is a major problem that has plagued rural chicken farmers. The reasons for the low survival rate The authors after investigation and analysis believe that the ma

Tractor add lubricating oil five bogey

Lubricating oil is usually called oil. The standard for adding oil to the oil sump of the tractor is that some engine oils have three marks on the oil ruler. Generally, it is appropriate to reach the intermediate mark. Some engine oil marks have only two marks on the ruler. The common oil surf

Occurrence and control of cowpea wilt

At present, in Changqing and other places, the cowpea planted with mulching film has a wide range of withered symptoms. It is necessary to prevent and control the damage in time and reduce the loss. Fusarium wilt disease usually starts from the early stage of flowering. The diseased plants fir

Misunderstanding in battery use and maintenance

The battery is the nerve center of the automobile circuit, and its performance directly affects the normal operation of the vehicle. However, some owners and maintenance personnel do not understand or pay attention to the use and maintenance of the battery, causing early damage to the battery

Artemia culture

(1) All pools of salt, salt and salt fields in and around the Jiantan Lake can be used for the production and breeding of Artemia, without sacrificing the production of the original Yantian, with less investment and quicker results.
1. Selection of Jianchi site The Jianchi site should

Utilizing greenhouse summer mushrooms

After planting vegetables in winter-warm plastic greenhouses, it is generally pulled in early June. At this point, the film is basically intact. The summer shed is stable in humidity, weak in light, and protected from rain. It can use protection facilities to produce straw mushrooms in July-Au