International Online News: Recently, a strange thing happened at an aquarium in Rhode Island, USA. A lobster wearing a "blue armor" appeared in the exhibition hall. This news just came out and immediately attracted a large number of tourists to visit. According to an independent Russian TV station reported on July 30th, rare blue lobsters attract a large number of tourists to visit the Aquarium every day. According to the staff, the lobster was caught about two years ago and sent to the Aquarium. At first, its color was no different from other lobsters' body color, but after a brief routine of molting, the newly-appearing “shell armor” turned sky blue. Biologists revealed that the chance of blue lobsters appearing in the ocean is one in two millionth. They believe that the rare changes in lobster body color at Rhode Island Aquarium are the result of genetic mutations. Visitors can enjoy the blue lobster in the Rhode Island Aquarium for a long time. Because the lobster is usually about 100 years old regardless of its body color, the blue lobster is only 8 years old.

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