1. Cultivated weeding and cultivating tillage and weeding are generally carried out before the closure of the line. The depth of the cultivator depends on the growth of the underground. The roots are distributed on the surface of the soil, and the cultivator should be shallow; if the roots are deep, the cultivator can be properly deepened. The number of cultivator can be determined according to the climate, soil and the growth of Chinese herbal medicines. Seedlings of Chinese herbal medicines are small, and the weeds are easy to breed, often irrigating or raining, the soil is easy to compact, and should be intensively tilled and weeded. After the plants are prosperous, the frequency of cultivating and weeding should be reduced to avoid damaging the plants. In addition, when the weather is dry or soil is heavy, it should be ploughed more. After the rain or irrigation, in order to avoid soil compaction, the soil should be left to dry before cultivating. Some Chinese herbal medicines should be combined with cultivating and weeding to cultivate soil. The soil can be used to prevent the roots from being exposed (such as to yellow, bamboo, etc.), to prevent lodging, to protect buds (such as Scrophulariaceae, etc.), to promote rooting (such as Pinellia, etc.), to prevent root growth (such as Taibai Fritillaria, etc.)
Second, top-dressing topdressing fertilizers mainly available, and in non-rainy days as well. In order to meet the needs of nutrients in the process of growth and development of Chinese herbal medicines in a timely and adequate manner, they must be applied in stages and in batches at different stages of their growth and development. Perennial Chinese herbal medicines are often applied at different times such as greening, tillering, budding and flowering. Chinese herbal medicines with seeds and fruits as medicines are suitable for top-dressing at the bud and flowering stages; Chinese herbal medicines with roots, rhizomes, and bulbs as the medicines can produce high yields when the top layer is grown in the underground expansion stage. Chinese herbal medicines harvested many times a year should be top-dressed in time after each harvest. Fertilizer should pay attention to the type, concentration and dosage of fertilizer to avoid causing fertilizer damage.

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