How to prevent agricultural vehicles from overturning

The loading of goods is unreasonable. For example, if the cargo is biased or loaded too high, the center of gravity of the trailer may be shifted or excessively high, and the cargo may be displaced or eccentric during the operation. Preventive methods: Load cargo should be balanced, do not ins

Harvesting and Processing of Clove Basil

I. Harvesting Clove Basil After 60 to 75 days of inflorescence after planting in Guangdong and Fujian, the first harvest is possible; the second harvest is in July-August; and the third is in mid-October. The fourth harvest is still available in Hainan Island in late November. Per acre fresh s

Plow installation and adjustment

1. The connection between the single hoe plough and the tractor is made by hanging the plough on the traction frame through the traction pins.
2. Plough adjustment and use
(1) Adjusting the plow's soil entering angle and tillage depth: Rotate the plow depth adjustment handle cloc

Technical points for raising hens in the fall

The early fall season is exactly the period of the first production of the reserve hens. The quality of feeding and management of chickens at this stage is directly related to the economic benefits of chicken production. Therefore, in order to ensure the laying hens' performance, the f

Vegetable Midsummer Disease and Pest Forecast

According to weather forecast, from July to August, the precipitation in the central and southern parts of the province was 1 to 30% less, with a certain summer drought, and the temperature was higher than normal. Under such weather conditions, what trends will occur in vegetable pests and dis

How to buy corn combine harvester

There are dozens of corn harvesters in China. How should users choose the economical corn combine harvester?
The first thing to consider is regional applicability. Most of the corn combine harvesters currently produced in China require harvesting. However, the row spacing of corn in diffe

Summer and autumn lettuce low temperature germination

The optimum temperature for lettuce seed germination is 15-20°C, and germination is blocked above 30°C. Summer and autumn sowing lettuce seeds, such as the adoption of low-temperature treatment after sowing, seedlings quickly, can be listed 7-10 days earlier. Low-temperature treatment me

Electric greenhouse seedling raising technology

In the plastic greenhouses and other protective facilities, the use of electric heating heating cultivating vegetables called greenhouse electric nursery seedlings. For example, vegetables such as eggplants and melons, which require high temperatures, are often cultivated using this method. Th

Spray welding repair spline shaft

1. Major equipment (1) Acetylene generator. Drainage medium pressure type, that is, pressure is 10-100kPa or 10-150kPa. (2) Oxygen cylinders. (3) spray welding. For spray splines, SPH1/h spray guns are used, and SPH2/h spray guns are used for spray splines. (4) A self-made bracket that support

Soybean high yield a few strokes

Early flowering top-dressing soybeans at the beginning of flowering can generally increase production by about 10%. When the number of soybean flowering plants reaches 10%, 10 kg of urea, 20 kg of calcium superphosphate and 15 kg of diammonium are applied per acre. Such as foliar spray 1% urea