After planting vegetables in winter-warm plastic greenhouses, it is generally pulled in early June. At this point, the film is basically intact. The summer shed is stable in humidity, weak in light, and protected from rain. It can use protection facilities to produce straw mushrooms in July-August for two months. This will not only make full use of land, but also increase economic efficiency. First, the cultivation points 1. Growth temperature The mushroom mycelium growth temperature is 20-40 °C, the optimum temperature is 30-36 °C, mushrooming temperature is 25-35 °C. 2. After the site has been disposed of in the net, it must be sunned for 1-2 days. In the shed, a bed with a width of 80, a length of 100, and a height of 10-15 cm was made. Leave 60 centimeters of sidewalks in each bed, disperse 1 layer of lime powder on the surface of the bed, and pour 1 time of water. Spray 800 times of dichlorvos solution to kill insects. 3. Cultivated species 40% cottonseed skin, wheat straw (5. 3 cm, 50%, 5.6% wheat bran, 0.4% urea, 1% phosphate fertilizer, 1% sugar, 2% lime powder (pH 8-9), 70 kg of water Firstly, the wheat bran, cottonseed skin and wheat straw are evenly mixed, then the urea, phosphate fertilizer, sugar, and lime powder are dissolved in water and mixed with the material, and then are put into a high-pressure polypropylene bag of l70300.05 mm, and compacted. A 3 cm hole is to be punched, the bag is fastened, and autoclaved. After sterilization, inoculate the bag when the temperature falls below 30° C. In general, alcohol flame inoculation is used. After inoculation, it is placed in a 30-35°C culture room for 15 days, and cultivated when it is covered with hyphae.2.Cultivation method 1. Ingredient: wheat straw 70%, lime powder 2%, phosphorus fertilizer 1%, dry cow 25.4% fecal matter, 1% plant ash, 0.5% urea, and 0.5% carbendazim 0.1%. Immerse the wheat straw in 2% lime water, mix the dried cow dung with phosphate fertilizer, urea, plant ash, and carbendazim water to obtain 1-2 drops of water is suitable, after 1 layer of wheat straw 1 layer of cow manure is fermented, covered with a film, so that the temperature reaches 70-78 °C, after 4 days Heap; ferment for another 3 days, when it reaches 60-62°C, turn the heap and ferment for 2 days until the cultivating material is purple-red and there is a strong smell. 2. Consolidation and sowing of cultivation materials The cultivation material is twisted into a straw handle. Yes: Take 1.5 kg of wheat straw and twist it in the opposite direction, and then connect the two ends to form a twist. On the cultivation bed, use a straw to make a heap. The first layer of grass is 80 cm wide and spreads the seed on the top; A centimeter-wide grassy handle, sowing bacteria, and a 40-cm-wide grass handle, sowing bacteria, a total of 3 layers, inoculating 1.5-2 bags per square meter, and then covering the trapezoidal bed. Screening) 50%, 46% of dust, 2% of ash, and 2% of lime powder, then add dichlorvos, carbendazim, add water and mix well, so that the water content reaches 60%, and the amount of earth covering is 7-10 kg per square meter. Cover with mulch film to keep warm and moisture.3.Temperature management In the first 3 days after inoculation, no light is seen.The temperature in the shed is maintained at 30-32°C, and the material temperature is 30-33°C (if the temperature is higher than 38°C, the temperature should be lowered by spraying water). 85%-90%.After 4-5 days, remove the membrane and ventilate it, timely recharge the material, 0.5-1.5 kg per square meter, and 6-8 days as the fruiting body formation phase. To enhance light, maintain the temperature 28-32 °C, humidity 90% or more.When the humidity is high to the space spray water.8-10 days can be seen white buds, the final formation of duck egg mushroom body. In the cap does not break the outer membrane The harvest time should be harvested in time 4. The harvesting and processing time should be as early as 6 o'clock or 8 o'clock in the evening and be harvested twice. After harvesting, the roots will be removed and washed with water to be listed. Water spray humidification can be harvested in 3-4 days, and 3-5 从 can be taken from the seed to harvest, and the material can be poured into the soil after harvesting.


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