Refrigerated gold, Fengshui pear, timely harvest is the key. If the picking is too early, the wax of the fruit peel is not yet fully formed, and it is easy to lose water and wrinkle, and the surface is lack of luster, and the fruit flavor is light; if the collection is too late, various diseases are easy to occur during cold storage. So how to determine the best harvest period? First, the soluble solid content of gold, Feng Shui pears are required ≥12%.
Second, peel color Peel background from the green lighter or show the inherent color of the species. When the fruit surface has waxy appearance, luster, and fragrance, it indicates that the fruit is ripe. The seed color of the golden pear is mostly half of the seed seed to brown seed; Fengshui pear seed to seed is brown.
Fourth, the fruit development period (full bloom to the number of days of maturity) Golden pears 140 days after flowering, Fenghui pear 130 days harvest is appropriate. The storage of golden pears in medium and long-term needs to be harvested in early September; the quality of fruits harvested in mid-to-late September will be improved, but not long-term storage; Fengshui pears are generally harvested in late August and early September.

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