Prevention of soybean seed cyst nematode disease

The soybean cyst nematode is parasitized in the cortex of the root and absorbs the organic nutrients that the plants on the ground transport to the roots, so that the soybean root loses its ability to absorb water and inorganic salts, which in turn reduces the ability of the root to absorb and

How to store cherries

First, the fruit storage before the warehouse disinfection, disinfectant to CT-efficient warehouse disinfectant is better, the library temperature should be reduced to 3-4 °C before the fruit into storage.

Second, choose 89 ripe, fruit fully colored and not yet softened fruit ha

Pond cultivation of shrimp

Pond requirements. Adequate water supply, convenient drainage and drainage. The area generally does not exceed 4 acres and the water depth is 1-1.5 meters. The bottom of the pool is less silt.

Water quality conditions. Green shrimp are particularly sensitive to toxic chemicals such as

Yam sowing needs to prevent pests

In recent years, the occurrence of pests, root-knot nematode diseases, and seedling diseases in Yam yam has been increasing, which has seriously affected the yield and quality of yams. At present, it is the yam seeding season. To effectively control pests and diseases, the following points sho

Sunlight greenhouse nectarine management

First, buckle time and temperature and humidity control

At the end of November, the nectarine forced defoliation to start the plastic film shed, cover the shade of grass during the day, and uncover the ventilation of the mulch in the evening, and maintain the low temperature of 0°C to 7

Four home fish mixed turtles increase efficiency

In 2006, Zhaoqing Sihui Huang Hongyu, a fish farmer, raised 50 mu of water and 8 ponds with four major fish (mainly raising grass carp) and soft-shelled turtles, and invested 70,000 yuan in feed for grass carp. By mid-January 2007, the output value had been obtained. 220,000 yuan, there are 10

Sea cucumber breeding and breeding technology

The artificial breeding technology of sea cucumber is not yet mature, and it is currently mainly released and released. The main technical measures are: 1 Choose a good discharge site, that is, the sea conditions of the discharge site should be suitable for the living habits of the seedlings.