How to Rationally Fertilize Cabbage

Cabbage is also called cabbage and kohlrabi. When planting cabbage on the ground to apply farmyard fertilizer as base fertilizer, 225-300 kg of superphosphate should be used in combination.

When cabbage enters the rosette stage, the plant must form a strong assimilation organ, whic

Rapid identification of aquatic feed ingredients

The superiority and inferiority of compound feed products largely depend on the formula and the level of manufacturing, but the importance of raw material quality for feed quality is self-evident. Therefore, when the feed factory purchases raw materials, it should conduct quality inspectio

Gastrodia sexual reproduction effect is good

Gastrodia is a key product of Chinese herbal medicine. With the degradation of the planting quality of gastrodia elata and its serious disease, the yield of Tianma is low and the efficiency is poor. How to solve this problem, experts in the Fengcheng Yulong Sexual Breeding Demonstration Se

Cotton formula fertilization technical points

The growth characteristics of cotton are unlimited growth, strong regeneration ability, strong controllability of the plant shape, and large amount of fertilizer. In general, sufficient fertilizer is the basis for high yield and quality of cotton. Adequate phosphate fertilizer can promote

Pest Management in Citrus Grafted Seedlings

Citrus grafted seedlings are important for the control of anthracnose, leafminer, red spider, leaf roller moth, and swallowtail.


In the high temperature and humidity season is particularly prone to occur, with particular attention to sudden heavy rain in the morning

Precautions for fish feed

Before designing a reasonable formula for feed formulation, it is necessary to clarify the species and stage of growth of the cultured fish in order to determine the level of nutrients such as protein and energy in the feed. It is necessary to meet the needs of fish for protein growth, but

How to save vegetables that spray the wrong pesticide

Spraying fresh water, wrongly spraying chemicals, or phytotoxicity, spray water quickly, and wash the surface of the affected plant liquid. Damage caused by alkaline chemicals, water can be added when the right amount of vinegar; acid medicine caused by pesticide damage, water spray can be

Loach large scale breeding technology

Loach in the fish taxonomy of the order of the larvae, suborders, carp, loach genus. There are more than a dozen types of loach in the world. Normally, it is mainly true loach.

Loach is a kind of omnivorous small freshwater fish that is commonly distributed in rivers, ditches, paddy f

Feed formula for chicken in meat

Feed formula for chicken in meat

1. Corn 58.2%, soybean meal 35%, calcium hydrogen phosphate 1.4%, stone powder 1.1%, salt 0.3%, oil 3%, additive 1%.

2. 57.2% corn, 31.5% soybean meal, 5% vegetable seed meal, 1.3% calcium hydrogen phosphate, 1.2% stone powder, 0.3% salt, 2.

鹌鹑feed formulation

鹌鹑 feed formulation (unit: kg)

Product Name 1-20 days old 20-35-day-old egg-producing corn 505250 bean cake 302522 fish meal 15 (imported) 128 cotton wool 35 meat powder 34 bran 333 bone meal 222 stone powder 4 shell powder 2 more V20 grams 20 grams 20 grams of trace elements 0.