Greedy friends will find the presence of winter jujube on the market. Jujube crisp skin, tender meat, but also rich in nutrients, have to maintain smooth capillaries, to prevent the increase in brittleness of the blood vessel wall, is the autumn and winter food to share. In fact, early August to early September is the period of fruit enlargement of winter jujube. For friends planting winter jujube, this time is very important for the high yield and quality of winter jujube. In this period, not only the supply of soil and fertility water should be strengthened, but also the prevention and control of pests and diseases should be strengthened. Here I would also like to teach the jujube planting friend a coup to use sweetener sweetener during the fruit enlargement period.
After sunny morning or after 4 o'clock in the afternoon, dilute sweetener with 500-800 times liquid to spray the leaves of winter jujube. If you want to spray continuously, the time interval is 7-10 days. It can be used in combination with various pesticides to increase the adhesion of pesticides and improve efficacy.
I believe we all have seen the inside of winter jujube sweetened, soaked in sodium saccharin for sweetening and weight gain, and even more will be sold before the winter dates so as to ripen, in advance of listing. Here we use the golden treasure sweetener, which is neither a hormone nor a chemical raw material sodium saccharin, but a microbe!
Jinbao sweetener through the role of microorganisms on the one hand to increase the absorption area of ​​the roots of winter jujube, on the other hand through the photosynthetic activator to enhance the photosynthesis of leaves, speed up the accumulation of sugar of winter jujube fruit storage, so that natural jujube sweetening. Jinbao sweetener can also supplement the various trace elements required for the growth of winter jujube, not only can reduce the amount of fertilizer used, reduce costs, increase production, but also can make winter jujube colored in advance, deep and uniform color, significantly improved The quality of winter jujube, prolongs the storage time of winter jujube, facilitates long-distance transportation, and more importantly, it can make winter jujube 7-10 days ahead of schedule and be listed in advance.
Compared to the "saccharin sodium jujube" and "overwater winter jujube," I believe that consumers will certainly not hesitate to choose the natural sweetening of the jujube through the microbial effect of the golden treasure sweetener. The correct use of golden betle sweetener in the fruit enlargement of Dongzao dates not only makes the dates sweet, but also matures, and the storage time also increases. There is no need to use the "mixed bath" of sodium saccharin and boiling water. Consumers can rest assured that they are eating. Friends of winter jujube plant more comfortable! Details can be consulted: Beijing Huaxia Kangyuan Technology Co., Ltd. Telephone toll-free hotline Website: Taobao Website:

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