First, the rooster trains the rooster before he collects sperm to train it. The training can be conducted in the afternoon. Hold the rooster's legs with your right hand so that the rooster heads to the lower left and gently massage the abdomen to the pubic bone with your left hand, causing the rooster to reflex, tilt the tail, and turn it with your left hand to the rooster. The cloaca is compressed and the cock ejaculates. Train the cock every other day and train 3-5 times. At the same time, the feathers that hang down around the cloak and near the tail must be cut off to avoid affecting sperm collection.

Second, the rooster picking method Rooster picking a single semen and double semen.

(1) Single semen collection method. The tanner ties up the apron and sits on a chair. He holds the cock and puts his head to the left, grips the legs of the cock with his thighs, and clamps the harvesting cup with his right middle finger and his middle finger. With the left thumb and forefinger gently massage the cock on the back of the waist, with your right thumb and palm from the abdomen to the tail and massage, after a few seconds, the cock curled up its tail to respond to massage, genital erection, quickly left hand The thumb and forefinger squeeze the cloaca outside the genitalia, and the sperma cup is aligned with the cloaca and the semen is collected. In order to avoid cock defecation, the rooster should be stopped for watering for 2 hours before picking.

(2) Double picking method. One person is responsible for fixing the rooster, generally holding the rooster's legs with his left hand, holding the rooster's wings with his right hand, picking the spermatophers for massage, and collecting sperm and collecting sperm with a single person.

Third, the timing of semen collection Xinmunet Xiao Bian tells you that although natural conditions, the cock will occur many times a day mating activities, but the number of ejaculation really occur is very small, and semen volume and sperm density decreased with the number of ejaculation increased. Artificial insemination is performed 3-5 times a week, and the cock is recovered after 48 hours of rest. If the number of sperm retrievals per week increases or the number of sperm collections is small, the number of abnormal sperms will increase. Excessive sperm extraction can lead to premature aging of the rooster and a short period of use.

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