Seeing the ripe winter jujube with full pressure, the harvest is just around the corner. Most people will ignore the fact that winter jujube ripens until it is harvested, but it is a critical period. There are several things to note:

1. Loose soil protection: timely scratching loose soil, spray 800 times the new high-fat film, so that the jujube garden soil to maintain a suitable moisture, prevent cracking, improve the yield and quality of late winter dates.

2. Prevention of wind and rain hazards: Winter jujube enters mature period to pre-harvest period. If it encounters heavy winds and heavy rains, it often results in falling dates. In severe years, it even results in the loss of production. Therefore, we must always pay attention to the weather forecast and take preventive measures as soon as possible.

Pre-harvest disease prevention: Diseases are easy to occur in winter jujube from mature period to pre-harvest period, especially in rainy year, there is cracking phenomenon in white mature period, use (General tree maintenance + strong fruit) The surface of plants can effectively prevent and control virus infection, sterilization and disinfection, and at the same time prevent fruit drop, cracking, and malformed fruit, making the shape of the date beautiful and good grade.

4. Picking timely: In order to ensure the flavor and commercial value of winter jujube, it must be timely harvested and not picked prematurely. At the same time as early as the removal of the disease, pick up the ground and stale fruit, remove the sick leaves, leaves, reduce the chance of mutual infection of the bacteria.

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