In winter and spring, due to the lack of rain and snow, combined with unfrozen water in some wheat fields, resulting in serious drought in some wheat fields, such wheat fields are conducive to serious occurrence of wheat spider mites, affecting the normal growth of wheat, should be given great attention.

The spider mite hazard usually begins at the seedling stage of wheat and is sown early. It is not irrigated at the time of sowing and the field with less fertilization is heavier. Occurrence characteristics: Observing the wheat field from a distance, the leaf color is yellowish white, like de-fertilizer. Observing carefully, the wheat seedling grows weakly, the tip is dry, and the tiller is small.

1. Field investigations in time: Since spider mites are more afraid of light, there are more leaves in the morning and in the evening and on cloudy days, so many farmers have not observed them carefully and cannot find them in time. The spider mites in wheat fields have strong resistance to low temperatures, and they can still survive and endanger wheat in wind and snow weather. During the period from returning to the greening stage of wheat, due to high temperature and rapid breeding, if it is not timely controlled, the damage to wheat is heavier, and more weeds and defertilizer fields are more harmful. In the past without control, red spiders quickly disappeared when the temperature was high in the wheat ear. However, according to observations in the past two years, red spiders still exist in large numbers during the flowering period in wheat, and the damage period is prolonged by about 20 days than before. Moreover, it will break out in winter and spring drought, which can cause curling of wheat leaves, and has a greater impact on yield.

2. Timely prevention and treatment: The spider mites in the wheat field are easier to control, but because they are not easy to find, the farmers do not know enough about this hazard and very few people are preventing it. The use of drugs to cure red spiders when spraying herbicides has a good control effect, and rarely occurs in later stages.

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