1 Since self-cultivation and self-cultivation, many sheep-raising households buy lambs at the market or on farms. In particular, some big sheep-raising households buy mostly dozens of goats from other places for feeding, and the majority of the sheep are over 10kg. In order to implement the whole meal, the price for such purchases is relatively high. The sheep's health status varies and some may also bring pathogens. Feeding this kind of sheep has slow growth and poor efficiency. If the family raises a few or dozens of ewes and implements self-cultivation and self-cultivation, which saves money for the purchase of lambs and it is not easy to bring infectious diseases, the economic benefits can be greatly improved.
2 Improved hybrids General local goats grow slowly, are small in size, have low meat yields, and have low economic returns. If hybrids are made between local ewes and Boer goats, the resulting hybrid sheep will gain weight quickly, be large in size, and have a high yield. Lamb 10 weeks of age weaning weight of about 1.8kg. Adult rams weigh about 110kg and ewes 60-90kg. Therefore, in order to improve the efficiency of raising sheep, agro-products must pay attention to the improved hybridization of goats.
3 Regular disease prevention and deworming Some farmers do not pay attention to sheep's epidemic prevention and insect repellent work. After the sheep are bought, they do not take injections. They do not use drugs to repel insects in vivo and in vitro, causing goats to become sick, causing insects in the body and outside, affecting the health of the sheep, and eating light. The grass is not long, the sheep is thin, easy to get sick or even die. Therefore, farmers should pay attention to pest control and insect repellent work. In the spring and autumn each year, vaccination with sheep pox and sheep four preventions should be used for vaccination. In addition, drugs must be used to repel insects both inside and outside the body to ensure the health of the sheep.
4 Do a good job in disinfection Disinfection is an important job for farmers, disinfection can play a role in preventing disease and controlling the spread of the disease, many sheep farmers ignore this. To improve the efficiency of raising sheep, it is necessary to strengthen the strict disinfection of sheep houses, foodstuffs, premises, excrement, sewage, fur, overalls, and utensils. Shed floor and wall, feeding trough, etc. can be used to disinfect caustic soda, bleaching powder, quicklime; sheep body disinfection can be used to kill hundreds of poison, Xinjieer off.
5 Appropriate feeding of additives The farmer raises sheep and does not feed additives. It only knows grazing, feeding grass, and feeding. I do not know scientific feeding, which results in slow growth of sheep and slow growth. Therefore, we should learn to feed science and feed additives properly. The commonly used additives and uses are: 1 sheep fattening compound feed additives. It is suitable for sheep and ram-removing sheep and old and weak adult sheep. After many investigations, the daily weight gain of the additive is 137g, which can significantly improve the fattening effect, shorten the fattening period, save feed, and increase economic efficiency. 2 monensin sodium, also known as ruminant, the role is to control and increase rumen fermentation efficiency, thereby increasing the weight gain rate and feed conversion rate. 3 urea can be used to supplement protein deficiency. It is suitable for winter feeding. It can be fed in concentrates at 1.5%-2%. The daily feed volume is 8-10g. You cannot drink water within half an hour after feeding. Remember not to feed a single, sick sheep with little or no feeding.
6 The slaughtered sheep are fed to the market in a timely manner for about 4 months. When the weight is 20kg, the sheep should be slaughtered in time. After 20kg, the feed utilization rate is low, and the production performance is low. Most of the farm-raising sheep are sold once a year, sold in spring and winter, kept for a long time, and have poor economic returns. Therefore, the economic efficiency should be improved by timely slaughter.
Author unit: Animal Husbandry Bureau of Zichuan District, Zibo City, Shandong Province

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