Extruded pigskin is a food made with puffed pork skin. It is milky white or milky yellow, crispy and crispy with a stimulating scent. After puffing the pigskin, its volume can be increased by more than ten times than before, and hair roots disappear, and can be directly consumed or processed into other Lei dishes. The processing method of puffed pigskin is:
1. Raw material treatment After defatting the fresh pigskin, soak it in clean water for 30 minutes, brush clean, scrape the surface dirt, remove the subcutaneous fat, and cut into small pieces of 2 cm in width and 0.5 cm in width.
2. Drying in the room The cut pigskin pieces are spread on bamboo sieves or iron sieves and dried in a drying chamber at 45°C to 60°C. Place a plate under the sieve to catch the oil that has dropped on the pigskin. The pigskin in the drying room was flipped about 1 hour. After 2 hours to 4 hours, when the skin of the pig is brownish or tan, and the indentation is not pressed by hand, the drying can be stopped.
3. Pressing and expanding The dried pigskin is loaded into a high-pressure semi-automatic puffing machine, and an appropriate amount of puffing agent is added. After the closed pressure switch is fastened, the temperature is heated rapidly. When the machine reaches a high temperature of 150°C to 180°C, the extruder speed is 80 to 100 revolutions per minute. After 5 minutes to 7 minutes, the heat is stopped when the standby pressure reaches 1 MPa. At this time, once the pressure switch is turned on, the swollen pig skin is sprayed into the container. After being cooled and weighed and packaged, it is the finished pig skin.
Author: Donghai County, Jiangsu Province, Hong Kong farm food factory

Mid-set Milking Parlor System

Mid-set Milking Machine is one of the most widely used devices. Using automatic upgrade scaffolding systems, short working line, milker milking efficiency is maximized, as oxtail high density, relatively narrow Milking Parlor construction area, a significant reduction in construction costs and space. Device according to user needs can be equipped with the world`s most advanced Afikim pasture management software has becomed the most practical high-end devices.

milking parlor

Currently we work with international companies: Italian Interpuls, USA BOUMATIC company, Israel afimilk companies. My company currently produces and sells a pipeline milking machine, flat type, fish bone style. Mid-mounted, parallel, rotary and other types, its technical characteristics are as follows:

1.    Advanced dual vacuum milking system(optional equipment) imitation calf feeding low vacuum(42-45Kpa) cow nipple sucking massage to make cows in the best condition to complete the entire milking process; squeezed milk is specifically high vacuum(60Kpa) timely and quickly pumped into milk pipeline, effectively ensure the stability of the milking system pressure.

2.    Effective control of mastitis in cows before milking pulsation than technology meet physiological characteristics of pulsation than the technology front, the front breast area ratio of small pulsation ratio breast after large(generally breast area after area than in the previous 15% more milk); breast area while completing the four milking, milking effectively avoid the occurrence of air, reducing the incidence of mastitis.

3.    Prevent overcrowding and premature removal from the design collection cup milk tubes are used to seat all the transparent design, so it can be visually determine whether there is over-milking premature phenomenon and the phenomenon of de-cup;

4.    Unique automatic off cup system(optional equipment) set milk Block built vacuum shut-off valve, auto-off cup without vacuum residue will not produce cow nipples pulling force, but also off the cup action is very gentle,, collection of milk will not fall to the ground seat.

5.    Advanced air cleaning mixed feeding device that can impact the entire column to form the pipeline flow scrub the entire pipeline, effectively improve the quality of the milk.

6.    Hassle U-tube design U-shaped connecting pipe so that the whole milk collection device cleaning without leaving clean corners, to ensure the quality of milk.

7.    Pasture management software(optional configuration) automatically precision measuring devices, computers permanent data storage.

milking parlor

Mid-Set Milking Parlor

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