Some farmers in the fertilization of crops, due to improper use of fertilizer, poor technology, resulting in the use of fertilizer: the rate is not high, the increase in the cost of fertilizer, and even crop damage resulting in reduction.
One of the errors: calcium magnesium phosphate fertilizer for top dressing. Calcium, magnesium, phosphate fertilizer is not easy to dissolve in water, fertilizer effect is slow, as top-dressing, especially in the middle of crop growth after fertilizer, its use is low, the effect is also poor. The correct application method is: calcium magnesium phosphate fertilizer can only be used as a base fertilizer and organic fertilizer mixed, for seed dressing fertilizer effect is also good.
Misunderstanding two: Urea, ammonium bicarbonate and other shallow application, application or application concentration is too high. Urea is an amide nitrogen fertilizer with high nitrogen content. After being applied to the soil, except for a small amount directly absorbed and utilized by plants, most of them need to be secreted by microorganisms to convert urease into ammonium nitrogen before they can be used by crops. The nature of ammonium bicarbonate is not stable. Her superficial utilization rate is low. At the same time, nitrogen fertilizer has a large amount of top dressing and the concentration is too high. Volatilized ammonia will smoke the stems and leaves of the crop and cause fertilizer damage. The correct application method is as follows: Nitrogen fertilization should be applied as a top dressing with a furrow or hole, with a depth of 5-10 cm. For foliar fertilizer spraying should be a good concentration, wheat, rice, cotton, corn and other 0.8% -1% is appropriate; vegetable spraying concentration should be low.
Misunderstanding 3: Superphosphate direct seed dressing. Superphosphate contains 3.5%-5% free acid and is very corrosive. Direct seed dressing will reduce seed germination and emergence. The correct method of application is: For topdressing, deep ditching should be applied. When used as a seed fertilizer, it should be applied 5-6 cm below or to the side of the seed and separate the fertilizer from the seed.
Misunderstanding four: zinc fertilizer and phosphate fertilizer mixed application. Due to the severe "antagonism" between zinc and phosphorus, if zinc sulphate is mixed with superphosphate, the effect of zinc sulphate can be inhibited to a great extent and its effectiveness will be reduced. The correct application method is: zinc fertilizer and phosphorus fertilizer should be applied separately, phosphorus fertilizer as base fertilizer, zinc fertilizer as seedling fertilizer, or zinc fertilizer as base fertilizer, phosphate fertilizer as seedling fertilizer, which can increase the fertilizer efficiency of phosphorus and zinc fertilizer.
Misunderstanding 5: Cold water dissolves borax spray. As borax is dissolved in cold water, "recrystallization" will soon appear, resulting in precipitation of borax solution and loss of fertilizer efficiency. The correct application method: first put the boron fertilizer into a hot water bottle, add boiling water to dissolve, tightly seal the stopper and bring it to the field, and then to cool water to the required concentration, the effect will be greatly improved.

Animal electronic ear tag is mainly used in animal husbandry tracking identification management, such as pigs, cattle, sheep and other livestock. Install the label using the special Animal Ear Tag to install the label on the pig ear, you can use it normally. The electronic ear tag with non-toxic, no smell, no stimulation, non-polluting plastic materials for its packaging materials, effective to prevent organic acids, water, salt, mineral acid damage. Electronic ear tag will help the animal husbandry information management, can breeding breeding, epidemic prevention and control, meat quarantine and other conditions for effective tracking and traceability, timely detection of diseases and epidemics and solve, reduce losses and improve the efficiency of farming.
Waterproof, moisture, secondary injection molding
Installation is simple, without professional training to get started
Not off the standard, not allergies, no adverse reactions
Reading and writing distance
The surface can be laser engraved printing
In line with the National Standards Committee issued GB / T 20563-2006 animal radio frequency identification standards
Pigs, cattle, sheep, donkeys and other livestock traceability

Rfid Ear Tag

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