Begonia is not tolerant to cold, and the temperature gradually declines after late autumn, and growth is also inhibited. If you do not pay attention to conservation management, there is the possibility of freezing to death, so you must strengthen the dormancy management.

First, top-dressing liquid fertilizer in September topdressing phosphorus, potassium-based liquid fertilizer to promote flower bud differentiation.

Second, timely fruit picking In October, fruit ripening should be removed in time to avoid consumption of nutrients. Conserving nutrients is beneficial to increase the number of flowers in the coming year.

Third, the appropriate pruning in November for winter pruning, removal of overlapping branches, old branches and other diseases, adjust the tree shape, in order to facilitate growth. Before the germination in early spring, timely pruning of branches, branches and dense shoots; for the old plants to update the old branches, the specific approach is: the small branches of large branches saw to the upper end, germination after the new branches, and then cut thin and thin branches. The wounds caused by pruning are closed in time with the “wound and anti-corrosion film” to protect the wound from dry cracking and pests. "Borrow and anti-corrosion film" can restore tree vigor early and prevent chapped and pests. The use of simple, efficient, is the basic product of the production of AA grade fruit.

4. Insulation and anti-freeze In December, enter the dormancy period and do a good job of freezing and keeping warm. Droopy seasweet sunshine, impatient yin, not very cold-resistant, at this time spray the tree "new high-fat film" emulsion, every 10 days or so, a total of 2 times, antifreeze cold. "New high fat film" is not chemical fertilizer or pesticide. It belongs to the plant surface protection agent. Spraying on the tree will not produce phytotoxicity, and it can form a layer of monomolecular film that is not visible to the naked eye. It will wrap the tree and protect it. Affected by adverse environmental influences, it plays a role in preventing frost and heat and preventing pests and diseases.

V. Pest control The pests and diseases that occur on the escarpment are mainly rust and brown spot, horned wax worm, apple scorpion and red spider. When combined with pruning in the Qingyuan Garden, it is necessary to carefully remove the leaves and leaves of the insects and pests, centralize the destruction or deep burial, and reduce the base number of wintering. Before the plants germinate, spray the “General Tree Guardian” + lime sulfur to kill the overwintering eggs and incubate and prevent freezing. Through the use of "General Tree Guard", the tree can form a layer of protective film, suffocating bactericidal, suitable for the protection of various trees to prevent virus replication and infection.

In order to create a good environment for Cyperus occidentalis wintering, in the winter to strengthen the above five aspects of management measures, insulation, antifreeze, nutritional supplements, to make it safe winter.

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