In the late growth stage of sweet potato, it is necessary to do top-dressing, chemical control, drainage, and pest control.

1. Prevent water accumulation. Drain the ditch well in advance and remove the accumulated water in case of heavy rain.

2. The control is prosperous. If the mulching of sweet potato is continued after prolonged ridges, 50-70 grams of paclobutrazol can be used per mu, and 50 kg of water can be sprayed. Generally, the spraying is performed twice and the interval is about 2 weeks. In the expansion period of sweet potato, spraying 20 ml per acre of expansin, under control and promote, can increase the output of fresh potatoes. Note that sweet potato should not turn over after ridge sealing to avoid disrupting the structure of the leaf layer and reducing the yield. Can be accompanied by broken roots control Wang.

3 timely fertilizer. Potassium had the greatest impact on sweet potato yield, followed by nitrogen and phosphorus. After entering the potato block for a long period of time, it was appropriate to increase potassium fertilizer and applied 3 kg of potassium sulfate and 4 to 5 kg of urea per acre.

4. Spray surface fertilizer. In the expansion of sweet potato spray foliar fertilizer production effect is obvious. Foliar can be sprayed with potassium nitrate 200 times (or 2.5% potassium sulfate, 0.3% urea) aqueous solution, every 5 to 7 days, even spraying 2 or 3 times.

5. Pest control and disease prevention. In the late growth stage of sweet potato, we paid attention to the prevention and treatment of sweet potato tussock moth, leaf roller moth and other leaf-feeding pests. We can use 5% cypermethrin to control 1500 times spray; 40% carbendazim 100 times liquid to prevent root black spot.

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