Recently, with the increase in the scale of sales, the cost of the game between companies and agents has also increased. In order to effectively manage the agents, the company constantly adjusts the agency policies. The fine management of pharmaceutical investment agents is an objective requirement for the sustainable development of pharmaceutical companies. The investment agency model has been continuously evolving and innovating - joint development, joint advertising, joint promotion, and proxy sharing, forming the so-called "mixed mode".

For more than a decade, many pharmaceutical companies have achieved rapid development through the investment promotion model. Many companies have sold billions of dollars or even hundreds of millions of dollars. However, more pharmaceutical investment enterprises have a lot of confusion about the investment agency model.

The reason why the pharmaceutical investment promotion model is adopted by many pharmaceutical companies is that it can help companies quickly use the network and capital resources of local agents to seize the market, expand market share, speed up the withdrawal of payment and simplify management, and flatten channels in the shortest time. . Especially for many emerging small and medium-sized pharmaceutical companies focusing on R&D, the funds are limited, there is no network, and there is no market. The investment promotion model can be said to be the preferred business model that quickly captures the pharmaceutical investment market, quickly withdraws funds, and grows rapidly. According to statistics, at present, more than 50% of the total domestic drug sales are realized by the investment promotion model.

Compared with self-built sales teams of pharmaceutical investment companies, the model of pharmaceutical investment promotion is not conducive to the establishment of a brand image and long-term development of enterprises, and they are unable to exercise their own sales force. Rely on agents for a long time, unable to effectively break sales bottlenecks, unable to withstand market risks and so on. With the passage of time, the problems in the investment agency model itself have also increased. Manufacturers and agents have complained and helplessness.

Businesses believe that agents are mixed, terminal control is weak, and the cost of sales grows too fast. Moreover, pharmaceutical investment agents mostly pay attention to short-term benefits, and it is difficult to meet the long-term development of the company, and it is difficult to truly become a long-term strategic partner. Agents complain that the pharmaceutical investment enterprise policy is not Stable, frequent interventions and arbitrary division of the market, various after-sales services are not in place, and accompanied by increasing costs and risks, agents are obviously worried about the company regaining the market, without investment or omission.

For the pharmaceutical investment agency model, good products and unique positioning and creativity are the key to attracting powerful, terminal pharmaceutical investment agents, and then bigger products. Product positioning can be refined from both product and brand levels. The positioning should be both unique and appropriate. The appeals of products must be different from similar products and must be targeted at specific consumer groups and disseminated through appropriate channels for dissemination. They strive to be the proponents and advocates of the first concept.

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