1. Sampling
Take 20-50g of honey in a beaker and mix well with a plastic spoon. Take a small amount of sample on the prism surface
● Hand-held refractometer
1) Take a small amount of honey on the surface of the prism, extend the sample to cover the prism, and close the sample cover.
2) Read the measured value through the prism. The blue and white boundary line on the scale is the measured value (%)
* After measuring, wipe the prism surface with a damp cloth
● Digital Handheld Pocket Refractometer
1) Use a plastic spoon to take a small amount of honey on the prism surface. If there are bubbles, stir it with a plastic spoon.
2) Press the "Start START" button
The Brix% value is displayed in 3 seconds!
* After measuring high viscosity samples, clean with water
70 to 88%
4. Measurement of moisture in honey
For honey, it is important to measure the moisture content. The following products are designed for special scales and are suitable for the measurement of moisture content in honey.

250G Salted Black Bean

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