The comprehensive supporting cultivation technology of fresh corn is closely related to the key technologies of quality, resistance and high yield cultivation of fresh corn, research and research, integration of corn high-yield population structure control technology, seedling preservation technology, optimization of fertilizer and water coupling technology, etc. The 4,500-long (greater than 16 cm in length) technical pattern of high-quality fresh ear per mu can provide technical support for the realization of large-area super-high yield in Huanghuai seafood corn planting areas. The main points of its high yield and high efficiency cultivation techniques are as follows:

1. Isolation and planting with ordinary corn to prevent stringing affect the quality. It is necessary to maintain a spatial distance of 500 meters or more, or use time sowing method to isolate the time, but the time of sowing should not be less than 20 to 25 days apart.

2. Finishing land, formulating soil testing, and applying basic fertilizer. The fresh corn has a short growth period. According to the formula, the fertilizer can be applied to all bases, mainly organic fertilizer, combined with phosphorus, potash fertilizer and available nitrogen fertilizer. The application amount of organic fertilizer should be not less than 1500 to 2000 kg per mu.

3. Planting density. The suitable planting density is 3500-5000 plants per mu.

4. Fine sowing in appropriate period. The temperature of 5 centimeters is stable and can be sowed in spring at 12 degrees Celsius. Summer sowing can determine the latest sowing date according to the growth period and the effective accumulated temperature in the area.

5. Planting methods. Suitable for wide and narrow line sowing, that is, 80 cm wide line, narrow line 40 cm. Double-row cultivation with a small shed is suitable for early sowing.

6. And time seedlings, Dingmiao. When the seedlings are to be kept, they must go to the young seedlings to ensure that the seedlings are seedlings, seedlings, and seedlings, and the seedlings must be promptly removed during the jointing period.

7. Control pests. Do a good job in the prevention and control of pests at the seedling stage and corn borers in the middle and later stages. In order to prevent food poisoning, pesticides should be used with caution in the middle and later stages, biological pest control should be used after pollination, chemical pesticides should be used as little as possible, and highly toxic pesticides with long residual effects should be disabled. Prevention of underground pests with 3% of 5 ml per mu of 5 ml of Miller granules, mixed with fine sand in the sowing ditch; prevention of corn borer inoculation with Trichogramma egg blocks at the big bellmouth stage, killing of Bacillus spp., Beauveria bassiana powder, etc. Irrigation leaves. Chemical control before tasseling, mosaic rate of 10% for the control of the appropriate period, available 80% dichlorvos EC 2500 ~ 3000 times, 10-15 ml per plant perfusion, prevention and control effect of more than 85%, and can cure corn borer horse.

8. Regular fertilizer. Generally, two top-dressing methods should be used, and each top-dressing and joint-dressing period should be performed once.

9. Appropriate harvesting. Usually about 20 to 25 days after pollination (milk ripening - milk ripening period), you can harvest fresh ear market. The sweet corn corn ear has the highest sugar content 22 to 25 days after silking, and the skin is the thinnest and is most suitable for harvesting.

10. Suitable promotion area: Shandong corn production area.

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