At present, rice is in a filling stage and it is found that there is a small amount of rice husk red in the panicle. Does this phenomenon occur due to phytotoxicity or weather conditions? Is there a cure for this situation?
In recent years, the phenomenon of brownish red, moldy growth, etc., on the glume of glume on the rice panicle has been widespread in production, and some plots have become severe. The red sapphire, which usually has red husks, can normally groat and harden, and has little effect on the final yield. According to the analysis of relevant experts, this phenomenon is mainly caused by the rainy days from the heading stage of rice to the early stage of grain filling, and the glume is caused by mechanical damage or sucking in the field by rice planthoppers. The phenomenon of rice husk redness mentioned in the text message should refer to this phenomenon. In severe cases, it may be considered to spray prochloraz, thiophanate-methyl, basic copper sulphate (copper noble) and other drugs.
The drugs such as Jinggangmycin and chlorpyrifos are not used properly. For example, if the concentration of the drug solution is too large and the drug dosage is too large, phytotoxicity may occur, resulting in brownish red spots and other symptoms on rice glume. When a phytotoxicity occurs, most of the spikelets in the whole ear or a part of the panicle are usually victimized. Only a few of the glume with red husks are interspersed between healthy fleshy flowers, which is generally not caused by phytotoxicity.
Tip: All the factors that may cause degeneration of rice spikelets and affect rice fertilization, fertilization, seed setting, and seed setting rate decline, such as weather, pesticides, and malnutrition, may cause some of the spikelets on the rice ear to be degraded or unable to be grouted. Become a grain. These glume glumes easily turn dark brown. After discovery, there is no way to restore these spikelets.

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