Recently, a good news came from Fuxin R&D center: The center organized scientific and technical personnel to process and use the 10 donor ewes to collect 82 available embryos and successfully completed the freezing process. The application of embryo cryogenic technology is still the first time in the history of new livestock husbandry. It is understood that cryopreservation of sheep embryos can effectively preserve the elite mutton gene. Such frozen embryos are easy to transport, allowing recipients to be transplanted without time and place restrictions, facilitating the introduction and exchange of international breeding stocks, and replacing live animal imports, saving time and effort, and preventing the spread of the epidemic. Prior to the application of embryo cryogenic technology, from Nov. 7th to 8th, technicians from Fuxin R&D center of Fuxin City also processed 22 donor ewes, collected 258 embryos, and used 229 embryos through the recipient ewes. Transplant. According to experts, the sheep embryo transfer project is of great significance in animal husbandry production and genetic engineering. Using local ewes as recipients, the number of purebred mutton sheep can be rapidly expanded through embryo transfer and meet the needs of the construction of Fuxin sheep base.

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